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    Xenon upgrade bulbs with 6 months warranty

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    Xenon upgrade bulbs with 6 months warranty

    Post  Auto Performance Parts on Mon May 18, 2009 3:55 pm

    Hi everyone,
    We have been busy the last couple of weeks sorting out new suppliers, so we can keep supplying you great parts at low prices!

    We have now got a supplier for Xenon upgrade bulbs.

    We have most types available:
    H1, H3, H4, H7, H11, 9005, 9006 AND 9007.

    Exclusive Super White bulbs. The combination of Xenon gas and a specialised blue coating on the surface of the bulb has created these fantastic styling bulbs. The light emitted is a pure white light with the most distinct blue tint whilst staying road legal. These bulbs are great when colour matching to Xenon HID systems.


    * Rated at 6000K
    * Excellent colour match to factory fit and aftermarket xenon HID systems
    * Great Value for money
    * These bulbs are UV protected and suitable for plastic lenses
    * Fully 'E' marked and road legal.

    All our Xenon bulbs include a 6 months warranty! Not even the top makes offer you with that!

    1. H1: £8.99.
    2. H3: £8.99.
    3. H4: £9.99.
    4. H7: £9.99.
    5. H11: £9.99.
    6. HB3(9005): £9.99.
    7. HB4(9006): £9.99.
    8. HB5(9007): £9.99.
    Price is per pair

    Plus £2.49 p&p.

    All types are now in stock!!

    If anyone would like to order a set please send us a PM with type wanted or visit our website.

    Thank you,
    APP Team

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